Markdown Update: I will now use this as a blog

Even though this website was set up to be a personal blogging website, I noticed in the year 2020 that I never actually used it - instead, I mostly resorted to making posts on Reddit and sharing a link to that page. And especially since this website is also meant as a portfolio of my personal achievements, I thought that that was kinda odd.

Recently, I was inspired by the website of a friend of mine, who used a neat Python framework combined with Markdown. The server was extremely light and could easily handle thousands of requests per second, (or something, I don't remember the exact numbers) and it was surprisingly simple. So I decided to make my own version of it.

And here we are! Posts on my homepage can now get much longer: I built a way to view individual posts, and that way I can write super long articles without the older blog posts disappearing.

Why did I built it now, and not two months ago when I actually saw my friend's website? Well, that has to do with the next video that I'm working on: for Noordstar Q1 2020, there's going to be a LOT of information that I'd like to share, but I won't have time to put everything in my YouTube video.

Therefore, I will share any relevant details in a blog post like this one, for all the world to see! I hope you'll enjoy the next post. 🙂